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European Biotechnology Network (EBN) Brexit Scientific Survey - Deadline for Response October 7

Tuesday, September 27, 2016  
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The European Biotechnology Network has been making an assessment of the potential impact of Brexit on the scientific community in Europe and is very pleased to launch a survey for actors in the science community in the UK and also across the rest of the EU.

Over the next 2 weeks (the survey will close on Friday 7 October at 17:00 CET), EBN will collect survey responses from members and the wider community and generate a report that reflects how UK scientists think they will be impacted and how the rest of the EU now views the UK as a science and business centre.

The survey is based on the statement: "The likely post-Brexit scientific situation is reduced access to the single market and EU funding programmes, changes in freedom of movement (time/job limited) and potential divergence in regulatory frameworks.  Timescale to formal Brexit completion is likely to be a minimum of 2.5 years but possibly longer.  Until that time, the UK is likely to have existing levels of access to EU structures and funds, unless specific changes are made.  There are, of course, extremes either side of this position - the UK may agree a full access, freedom of movement model or it completely exits the single market and all EU programmes, however these are less likely".

Let’s get started

CLICK HERE if you are active within the UK scientific community (any nationality)

CLICK HERE if you are active within the wider EU scientific community (any nationality)

Thank you very much for your participation in this survey – Brexit will impact the way that science is done across the EU and your contributions help both UK and EU scientists to plan future interactions.

Should you have further questions or need more information, please contact:

Dr Claire Skentelbery

Secretary General

Tel: 00 32 (0) 493 191810

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