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Survey of Cellular and Engineered Tissue Therapies in Europe - Patients Treated in 2014

Friday, October 23, 2015  
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Dear colleagues


We continue to collect data to establish a comprehensive, quantitative map of patients being treated in Europe with cellular and engineered tissue therapies (i.e. any clinical treatment based on living cells excluding DLI, donor lymphocyte infusions, and hematopoietic stem cells for hematological reconstitution). The survey is supported by EBMT, EULAR, ICRS, ISCT, IFATS and TERMIS, and integrates the original EBMT activity survey capturing hematopoietic stem cells transplants in Europe.


Previous survey reports which include the number of treated patients, without any reference to clinical outcomes, information on specific cell types, processes and delivery modes in use as well as an appendix listing active teams together with the survey form and guidelines can be found on the TERMIS website, here. 


If, in 2014, you treated patients in Europe with cellular or engineered tissue therapies and would like to see your name listed among the participating teams (145 groups in 2013), please complete the survey form (enclosed below) and send it by November 15th 2015 to Helen Baldomero in the Activity Survey Office, either by Email: or by fax: + 41 61 265 2735


If you know of any group that is performing such therapies please forward this message to them and encourage them to participate. This will help to bring an effective impact on the scientific, clinical and regulatory aspects of the quickly evolving sector of cellular and engineered tissue therapies.


Thank you and with our best regards



Prof. Ivan Martin PhD

Depts. of Surgery and Biomedicine

University Hospital Basel, CH



Prof. Jakob R Passweg MD
Chief Hematology Clinic and
EBMT Transplant Activity Survey Office

University Hospital Basel, CH



Survey on Cellular and Engineered Tissues in Europe - Results (3 most recent surveys)

Cell therapies tissue engineering survey (PDF) - For Fax Submission

Cell therapies tissue engineering survey (Excel) - For Online Submission

Guidelines for cell engineered tissue therapy survey





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