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ISCT announces MoU with SCRM and CARM

Monday, December 3, 2018  
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ISCT announces Memorandum of Understanding with the Strategic Center for Regenerative Medicine (SCRM), and the Council for Advanced Regenerative Medicine (CARM)

Agreement strengthens strategic partnerships in Asia through regional government and industry stakeholders in Korea.

Vancouver, Canada and Seoul, Korea December 3, 2018 – ISCT, the International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy, the global professional society of clinicians, researchers, regulatory specialists, technologists and industry partners in the cell therapy sector, today announces the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Korean organizations the Strategic Center for Regenerative Medicine (SCRM), and the Council for Advanced Regenerative Medicine (CARM). SCRM (formerly Global Stem cell & Regenerative medicine Acceleration Center, GSRAC), as a non-profit organization supported by the government and CARM, as an industry organization are ideal partners for ISCT to advance cell & gene therapy in Korea and throughout the Asia Pacific region. ISCT, SCRM and CARM are uniquely qualified to bring together international and local thought leaders in developing the scientific advances into commercial therapies for the benefit of patients in Korea and globally.

As a Global Society, ISCT members will be able to leverage this relationship to connect with the robust Korean cell therapy market, the world leader in cell and gene therapy product approvals. As a key deliverable of the MoU, SCRM and CARM are announcing the return of the Korea Pavilion at ISCT 2019 Melbourne, May 29 – June 1, 2019. The ISCT 2019 Annual Meeting in Melbourne will showcase the Asia Pacific Region, led by a strong Korean presence through SCRM and CARM’s efforts. Additionally, SCRM and CARM will be an active participant in the ISCT Commercialization Committee, connecting ISCT’s global cell therapy companies and academic thought leaders with a global leader in market access of cell and gene therapies. Korea has held a visible presence at the ISCT 2016 Singapore and 2017 London, led by SCRM with CARM members with over 10 companies participating yearly. ISCT, SCRM and CARM, will also continue to collaborate on a future ISCT regional meeting in Asia, establishing a sustainable ISCT presence in Asia.

This MoU shall enable ISCT and SCRM to establish the framework for future global initiatives.

“As the fastest growing region within ISCT, partnerships in Asia are vital to establishing sustainable connections and relationships with major players in the region,” said John Rasko, President, ISCT. “Formalizing ISCT’s ongoing relationship with SCRM and CARM in Korea will only help to further connect our global audience with key local stakeholders in Korea.”

“The ongoing partnership between SCRM, CARM and ISCT has continued to support the access of new cell therapy product to patients globally, particularly in Korea which has the highest number of products with regulatory market authorization,” said Queenie Jang, Chief Executive Officer, ISCT. “ISCT’s global reach and SCRM and CARM’s Korean focus will strongly support the access of cell therapy medicinal products for the benefit of patients with unmet medical needs.”

“Korea approved the first stem cell therapy product in the world and currently has the greatest number of approved products. Recently, the Integrated Bill for Advanced Regenerative Medicine and Bio-Pharmaceuticals is under review in Congress in order to increase patients’ benefit and promote industry.” said So Ra Park, Director, SCRM. She also mentioned “Looking at the future, ISCT and SCRM will facilitate international collaboration at the academia and governmental level.”

“The Asia regenerative medicine (RM) market is rapidly growing and Korea is the hub of the RM field with its geographic location and business environment.” said B.G. Rhee, Chairman of CARM. “Collaboration with ISCT will further accelerate the delivery of RM products for the patients and contribute to the continued success of Korea in this area”

The Strategic Center for Regenerative Medicine (SCRM)was formerly the Global Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Acceleration Center (GSRAC) established in 2011 by the support of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW), Korea. The center is formed to contribute to the advancement and development of regenerative medicine in Korea by:

  • Supporting the policy and regulation for development of regenerative medicine industry
  • Developing the strategy to meet the rapidly changing environments of global stem cell & regenerative medicine
  • Providing R&D strategy for government funding and raising the efficiency of R&D investment
  • Facilitating commercialization of regenerative medicine by establishing the domestic and international networks

Established in 2016,The Council for Advanced Regenerative Medicine (CARM)is composed of 50+ Cell & Gene Therapy related member companies and contributes to the advancement of regenerative medicine industry in Korea by:

  • Supporting the government policy to foster the regenerative medicine industry in Korea
  • Establishing an ecosystem in Korea to meet the rapidly changing environments of global stem cell & regenerative medicine
  • Facilitating open networks among domestic and international stakeholders for prospective collaboration
  • Accelerating the translation of regenerative medicine discovery into revolutionary new medical products

Established in 1992,ISCT, the International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy, is a growing global organization of clinicians, researchers, industry partners, regulators and technologists. ISCT is the leader focused on translational aspects of developing cell-based therapeutics, thereby advancing scientific research into innovative treatments for patients. ISCT provides a unique collaborative environment that addresses three key areas of clinical translation: Academia, Regulatory and Commercialization. Through long term strategic relationships with global regulatory agencies, academic institutions and industry partners, ISCT leads the advancement of research into clinical adoption and standard of care.

ISCT is comprised of over 1500 international cell and gene therapy experts across five geographic regions and representation from over 60 countries, ISCT members are part of a global community of peers, thought leaders and organizations invested in cell therapy translation.For more information about the society, key initiatives and upcoming meetings, please visit:

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