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ISCT Completes Strategic Reorganization with CEO Appointment

Thursday, September 21, 2017  
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New direct appointments and facilities to support reorganization of ISCT head office following 25th anniversary Annual Meeting

Vancouver, Canada, September 21 2017 - The International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT), the global society of clinicians, researchers, regulatory specialists, technologists and industry partners in the cell therapy sector, today announces the direct appointment of Queenie Jang as Chief Executive Officer of ISCT. The appointment is part of a strategic reorganization of the central management of ISCT following its Annual Meeting this year celebrating its 25th anniversary. This will prepare the entire ISCT leadership for the next period of development to lead and support the cell therapy industry through the next 25 years.

Queenie Jang and her team will be tasked with managing the Head Office management and finances of ISCT, as well as integrating the activities of the international regional committees of ISCT with the central organization. The strategic reorganization involves key new appointments at the ISCT head office, as well as new facilities in Vancouver, Canada.

This will enable the ISCT Executive Committee to fully concentrate on its roles representing the variety of interests of stakeholders in the cell therapy sector, including clinicians, regulators, technologists, and industry partners. This includes smoothing the regulatory and legislative landscape to the best advantage of the industry. In a recent example, in 2017, ISCT has been central in the ongoing discussions of how US government budgets will affect the ongoing development of the cell therapy sector, and from 2016 has contributed to redrafting of critical legislation internationally to the best interests of those involved in the industry. The Executive Committee will also be able to bridge the interests between academic science and the commercial industrial requirements of the cell therapy sector, helping companies develop treatments from pre-clinical development through to the patient.

Queenie Jang has worked with ISCT as an external consultant from 2011. She was recruited as an external association management executive consultant in 2012, with the remit of further strengthening ISCT’s leadership position in the international cell therapy industry. She has achieved this through a variety of media including strategic branding and marketing. This has involved the introduction and strengthening of flagship initiatives and a redesign of the Annual Meeting, which, held in a different country each year, has now become the largest cell therapy conference internationally. The growth of ISCT as an international society representing every stakeholder in the cell therapy industry has been a key reason why the list of organisations partnering with ISCT has continued to grow. Queenie brings extensive business leadership and management experience in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries in both private and public companies. She has held C-level roles with both public and non-public biotechnology companies, and international senior VP roles with Sanofi in Strategic Marketing and Business Development.

“The cell therapy industry has continued to explode throughout 2017. Just in the last few weeks, the first FDA approval of a CAR-T therapy, and the $12 billion acquisition of Kite Pharma followed the celebration by ISCT of its 25th anniversary in London. For ISCT to continue to spearhead the cell therapy sector, the Executive Committee needs to be involved throughout the sector in making key decisions that will drive all elements of the field forward. As a result, it will be critical for ISCT to have a directly employed CEO and team to centrally manage the organization,” said Catherine Bollard, President, ISCT. “Queenie Jang’s consultancy over the last five years has been critical in the development and the running of the organization to enable ISCT to lead the cell therapy sector through its embryonic stage into maturity. It is now critical for ISCT to directly employ Queenie and key Head Office staff to manage the ISCT Head Office and drive the organization forward for the next big period in the cell therapy sector.”

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