Our Silver Jubilee - 25th Anniversary
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ISCT video celebrating the past 25 years!




ISCT 2017 London - Jubilee Celebration Photo Gallery


Snapshot of all Annual Meeting locations in the past 25 years.


Key highlights from 2017 London Meeting with Telegraft Live!



May 4 Telegraft Live Issue 1. Report from London

May 5 Telegraft Live Issue 2. Report from London

May 6 Telegraft Live Issue 3. Report from London

ISCT 10th Anniversary Telegraft Issue - Click here to view

Jubilee Media Coverage


Biolife Solutions and ISCT - Celebrating 25 Years of Advancing Cell Therapies Together - Click here to view

Cytotherapy and ISCT - The Synergy Between a Journal and its Society - Click here to view

RedMedNet and ISCT - RedMedNet champions ISCT in an interview with Catherine Bollard, ISCT President - Click here to view

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