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ISCT members gain access to a wealth of print and online publications exploring the latest developments, news, and opinions in the fast-moving field of vaccines, cytokines and cellular therapy.


Read cutting-edge research and opinion in Cytotherapy, the official journal of the ISCT. With a particular emphasis on the translation of research from the laboratory into clinical pratice,Cytotherapy's eight issues per year cover important new therapies emerging from the manipulation of cytokines and cells. Cytotherapy has published widely cited works by authors including Horwitz, Le Blanc, Aust, and Dominici. In publication since 1999, the journal has achieved an authoritative position, particularly in the area of mesenchymal stromal cell research; its growing influence and recognition is evident in the 20% increase in its citation index year over year.



Get the latest information on critical issues affecting the field of cellular therapy from the Telegraft, the leading global cell therapy newsletter. This monthly e- newsletter includes regulatory updates, event recaps, summaries of work being done in academic and industry labs across the world, and society news & activities.


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