ISCT Europe 2015 MSC & Cancer Pre-Conference Workshop

MSC & Cancer: Trojan Horses for Novel Cancer Therapeutics or Fast Food for Tumors

Introduction to the Workshop
Co-Chairs: Massimo Dominici (IT) and Khalid Shah (US)

Session 1
Hamburgers or Trojan Horses: That is the Problem
Co-Chairs: Khalid Shah (US) and Luc Sensebe (FR)
Antoine Karnoub (US) - Role of MSC-Regulated miRNA in Tumor Progression
Julia Houthuijzen (NL) - Mesenchymal stem cells as key players in chemotherapy resistance
Per Anderson (ES) - The Study of Tumor/Stroma Interactions: Understanding Tumor Promotion and Tumor-Killing Capacities of Human Adipose MSC
Giulio Alessandri (IT) - Anti-tumor and anti-angiogenic activity of MSCs primed with Paclitaxel

Session 2
The Trail to Clinic
Co-Chairs: Massimo Dominici (IT) and Khalid Shah (US)
Giulia Grisendi (IT) - MSC in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma and Sarcoma
Khalid Shah (US) - Receptor Targeted and Encapsulated MSC for Tumors in the Brain
Daniel Weiss (US) - MSC-Based Cell Therapy for Malignant Mesothelioma
Samuel Janes (UK) - MSC Towards the Clinic for Lung Cancers

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