2014 Flow Cytometry and Cell Analysis Workshop Presentations
Introduction to the Benefits and Pitfalls of Multi-Colour Flow Cytometry and Cell Analysis
Mirko Corselli, BD Biosciences - Innovative tools and approaches for optimizing multicolor panel design
Andreas Boehmler, Beckman Coulter GmbH - Beyond colourful science: a practical approach to setting up multicolour panels
John Foster, Owl Biomedical by Milteni Biotec - Introduction of the MACSQuant Tyto and MEMS

Technical Session #1
IA Teacher:
Joachim Brenner, BD Biosciences - Live demonstration of the BD FACSJazz Cell Sorter
1B Teacher:
Claude Lemarie, Institut Paoli-Calmettes - Basic workshop on how to enumberate CD34+ cells, what do you need to consider in the process environment
1C Teachers:
Stephanie Bucher and Joffrey De Larichaudy, CELLforCURE - Use of flow cytometry in the control of advanced cell therapy products
Johannes Rachor, University Hospital Wuerzberg - Cell analysis / QC for TCR-aplha/beta depleted grafts for hematopoietic stem cells transplantation. Example of one center of a multicenter clinical study

Technical Session #2
2A Teacher:
Jorg Schlender, BD Biosciences - Optimizing sample preparation for efficient sorting o rare cell populations
2B Teacher:
Stephan Kloess, Hannover Medical School - Production and Quality control of CMV-specific T cells - an interactive journey
2C Teacher:
Philip Mathuis, Ovizio Imaging - Automating process control by using innovative label-free quantitative imaging 

Technical Session #3
3A Teacher:
Mirko Corselli, BD Biosciences - Resolving stem cell heterogeneity using flow cytometry
3B Teacher:
Manuela Battaglia, San Raffaele Diabetes Research Institute - The importance of proper immune-monitoring in proof of concept clinical trials: the experience of The One Study
3C Teacher:
Cassian Tee, MD Anderson Cancer Center - Adoptive T Cell Therapy: The Path from Boutique Therapy to Treatment Modality. A Case Study of the MACSQuant Tyto Technology


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