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Photos from the ISCT 2012 Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, USA
Photos from the Gala Dinner at the 2012 Annual Meeting
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Wednesday, June 6th

Technical Session 1- Imaging Cell Therapy

Chair: Rao Papineni (US)
Rao Papineni (US) – Multimodal Imaging in Cell Trafficking
Ali Arbab (US) – Imaging administered stem cells by in vivo imaging modalities

Technical Session 2 - NK Expansion for Clinical Trials

Chair: Didier Blaise (FR)
Didier Blaise (FR) – Role of NK cells in allogeneic SCT and perspectives
Jeffrey Miller (US) – How to educate NK cells to treat cancer

Strategies for Commercialization Track 1 - Best Practices in Cell Therapy Process Development

Chair: Jon Rowley (US)
Jon Rowley (US) – Designing High Impact Cell Therapy Process Development Programs
Andy Campbell (US) – Media and Process Development for Cell Therapy Applications: Implications for Scale-up and Manufacturing
Aby Mathew (US) – Designing Best Practices in Cell and Tissue Biopreservation for Clinical Process Development

Technical Applications Track 1- Daily Quality Assessments Performed by Cell Therapy Laboratory Staff

Chair: Victor Lemas (US)
Diane Kadidlo (US)
Olive Sturtevant (US)

Plenary Session 1 – Presidential Plenary on Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Chair: Ed Horwitz (USA)
Jacques Galipeau (US) – Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for personalized cell therapy. How mechanistic cell physiology studies can inform the design of clinical trials
Massimo Dominici (IT) – Revising Janus Bifrons myth for Cellular Therapies based on Mesenchymal Progenitors

Oral Abstract Presentations 1 – Cell and Gene Therapy/Immunotherapy and Dendritic Cells

Co-Chairs: Hans-Peter Kiem (US) and Catherine Bollard (US)

MGMTP140K Gene-Modified CD34+ Cells Allow for Increased Chemotherapy Administration and Extended Survival in Poor-Prognosis Glioblastoma Patients (Abstract # 1)
Speaker: Jennifer Adair(US)
A Single Infusion of Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) CCR5 Modified Autologous CD4 T-Cells (SB-728-T) Correlates with Increases in CD4 Counts and Effects on Viral Load (VL) in Aviremic HIV-Infected Subjects (Abstract # 2)
Speaker: Bruce Levine (US)
CATS1 Study: Immunomonitoring and Clinical Results of Antigen-Specific T Regulatory (TREG) Cell Therapy for Crohn's Disease (CD) (Abstract # 3)
Speaker: Nathalie Clerget-Chossat (FR)
Combination Immunotherapy After ASCT for Advanced Myeloma with MAGE-A3/POLY-ICLC Immunization Followed by Transfer of Vaccine-Primed Activated Autologous T Cells (Abstract # 4)
Speaker: Nicole Aqui (US)
Effective Prophylaxis of CMV Disease in Recipients of Allogeneic Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplants Using Adoptive T Cell Transfer-Long Term Follow-Up of 50 Patients (Abstract # 5)
Speaker: Emily Blyth (AU)

Oral Abstract Presentations 2 – Translational Process Development

Chairs: Jon Rowley (US)

Process Scale-Up and Transition from Autologous to Allogeneic Manufacturing of Cardiosphere-Derived Stem Cells (Abstract # 6)
Speaker: Michelle Kreke (US)
The Cryo-Imaging Solution to "Where Did My Cells Go" (Abstract # 7)
Speaker: David Wilson (US)
Navigating the First-In-Human Implantable Polymer-Derived Tumor Vaccines into a Clinical Trial (Abstract # 8)
Speaker: Heather Daley (US)
Development of an Angiogenic Potency Assay for Clinical Grade Stem Cell Production (Abstract # 9)
Speaker:Anthony Ting (US)
Developing Large Scale Cell Manufacturing Processes: The Impact on Cell Quality Attributes and Cost of Goods (Abstract # 10)
Speaker: Hemanthram Varadaraju (US)

Oral Abstract Presentations 3 – Cardiovascular Repair and Regeneration/Nervous System Repair

Co-Chairs: Warren Sherman (US) and Josef Priller (DE)

A Phase I/II Study Assessing the Safety and Efficacy of Intravenous Ex Vivo Cultured Adult Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Patients with ST Elevated Acute Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) (Abstract # 12)
Speaker: Pawan Gupta (IN)
IRES-Based Lentivirus Co-Expressing TGFB1 and FGF2 Improves Cell Survival and Angiogenesis in Bone Marrow Derived-Mesenchymal Stem Cells (Abstract # 13)
Speaker: Manuela Mura (IT)
A New Role for Meninges as a Niche for Stem/Precursor Cells with Neural Differentiation Potential During Development Up to Adulthood (Abstract # 14)
Speaker:Mauro Krampera (IT)
Safety and Efficacy of Intracoronary Infusion of Allogeneic Cardiosphere-Derived Stem Cells in a Pig Model of Myocardial Infarction (Abstract # 11)
Speaker: Rachel Smith (US)
Comparison of Human Schwann Cell Proliferation Rates in Culture from Organ Donor and Cadaveric Nerves (Abstract # 15)
Speaker: James Guest (US)

Strategies for Commercialization Track 2 - Biologics in Personalized Medicine- What are the Development Options beyond Phase 2?

Co-Chairs: Shirley Bartido (US) and David DiGiusto (US)
Renier Brentjens (USA) – Clinical translation of an adoptive therapeutic approach to Cancer: Obstacles from the perspectives of an academic investigator
Martin Schroeder (US) – Attracting Partners to Help Commercialize Cell Therapy Products
Michael Zdanowski (US) – HEMACORDTM: The First FDA Approved Allogeneic (Cord Blood Derived) Stem Cell Product A Case Study: From Research to IND to BLA
For GE: Jiwen Zhang (US) and Firman Ghouze (US)
For CellGenix: Felicia Rosenthal (DE)
For Lonza: Kim Warren (US)

Plenary Session 2 – Cardiovascular Cell Therapy

Chair: Michael Laflamme (US)
Rachel Smith (US) – Autologous and Allogeneic Cardiosphere-Derived Cells for Heart Regeneration
April Stempein-Otero (US) – Understanding Mechanisms of Cell Based Therapy in the Human Heart
Wolfram Zimmermann (DE) – Therapeutic Heart Muscle from Oocytes
Michael Laflamme (US) – Electromechanical Integration and Arrhythmogenic Risk of Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocyte Transplantation

Technical Applications Track 2 – Roudntable Debate: Pros and Cons in the Cellular Therapy Field

Topic #1: Should closed systems and/or classified facilities be required for processing all cell therapy products?
Topic #2: Should donors of HPC or other cell therapy products be financially compensated?
Chair: Lizette Caballero (US)
Paul Eldridge (US), Ann Wilson (US), Martin Hildebrandt (DE), Karen Snow (US), Lynn O'Donnell (US), Michael Boo (US), Lizette Caballero (US), Renee Smilee (US)

Workshop 1 - ISCT/USP Joint Session: Ancillary materials

Co-Chairs: Elizabeth J. Read (US) and Fouad Atouf (US)
Elizabeth J. Read (US) – Ancillary Materials: Definitions, Regulatory Framework, and USP's Risk-Tiered Approach
Nicole Provost(US) – Ancillary Materials in Cell Therapy Product Development
Felicia Rosenthal (DE) – Cytokines and Growth Factor for Ex vivo Cell Culture

Workshop 2- Induced Cells for Neurological Disorders

Chair: Josef Priller (DE)
Josef Priller (DE) – Induced stem cells in research and therapy of neuropsychiatric disorders
Philip Horner (US) – Neural stem cells derived from human iPS improve forelimb recovery following spinal cord injury
Philip Schwartz (US) – An approach to immune-matched neurotherapy in pediatric neurodegenerative diseases

Workshop 3- Expansion of Cord Blood

Chair: Colleen Delaney (US)
Elizabeth Csaszar (CA) – Harnessing hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal to enable therapies
Elizabeth J. Shpall (US) – Graft Engineering: The future of cord blood transplantation
Colleen Delaney (US) – Enhancing myeloid recovery after cord blood transplantation by infusion of cord blood stem/progenitor cells expanded in the presence of Notch ligand

Strategies for Commercialization Track 3- Scalable Technologies for Phase 3 and Cell Therapy Commercial Products

Co-Chairs: Frida Grynspan (IL) and Steve Oh (SG)
Jaeseung Lim (KR) – The autologous T cell therapy products in Korea
Jef Pinxteren (BE) – Extensive quality control of MultiStem cells isolated and expanded using the on the Quantum CES
Steve Oh (SG) – Stem cell bioprocessing: Superior cell expansion and differentiation on microcarriers
Lye Theng Lock (US) – Scalable kSep Process for Therapeutic Cell Concentration and Residual Clearance

Technical Applications Track 3 - Optimizing Clinical Outcomes of Cord Blood Transplantation through Enhanced Selection, Testing and Preparation

Chair: Donna Regan (US)
Joanne Kurtzberg (US) – How does cord blood potency impact clinical outcomes after cord blood transplantation?
Donna Wall (CA) – Preparation of cord blood for infusion: wash, no wash, or somewhere in between
Karen Ballen (US) – Optimal Cord Blood Unit Selection: Beyond Cell Dose

Thursday, June 7th

Technical Session 3- Cell Engineering

Chair: David DiGiusto
David DiGiusto (US) – Zinc Finger Nuclease mediated genomic editing of CCR5 in human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells for clinical application in HIV gene therapy
Christine Brown (US) – Phenotypic and Functional Attributes of Lentivirus Modified CD19-specific Human CD8+ Central Memory T Cells Manufactured at Clinical Scale

Technical Session 4 - Funding for Early Stage Cell Based Therapies

Chair: Ellen Feigal (US)
Ellen Feigal (US) – Advancing Stem Cell Science Towards Therapies for Patients: CIRM's Initiatives and Funding Opportunities
Lis Welniak (US) – NHLBI Update on Funding and Resources for Studies in Cellular Therapies

Strategies for Commercialization Track 4 - Cell Characterization Assays

Co-Chairs: Wouter Van't Hof (US) and Timothy Fong (US)

Wouter Van't Hof (US) – Potency assay development for MultiStem, a stromal cell therapy product
Verna McErlane (UK) – Cell Therapy Product Characterisation........a miRNA-based perspective
David Wilson (US)-

Technical Applications Track 4 - Preparing Agreements for Contract Services

Chair: Ann Wilson (US)
Victor Lemas
(US) – Why you need to care about Internal Agreements?
Liz Cardwell (US) – Great Expectations: External Supplier Agreements

Plenary Session 3 – Stem cells for Gene Therapy

Chair: Hans-Peter Kiem (US)
Christoph Klein (DE) – Hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy for Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome- efficacy and risks
Nathalie Cartier (FR) – Hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy for X-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy
Andrew Scharenberg (US) – Cell engineering with rare cleaving nucleases: technology landscape and applications

Technical Applications Track 5- Translating Science from Bench to Bedside with Real Case Scenarios

Chair: Renee Smilee (US)
A Novel Strategy to Enhance Mesenchymal Stem Cell Migration and Therapeutic Efficacy (Abstract # 16)
Ian Nicoud (US) – Part 1: From model to manufacture- creating a clinical product from research findings
Jason Carstens (US) – Part 2: Process Development and Design for Manufacturing
Tory Lake (US) – Part 3: Navigating the regulatory path to clinical application
Colleen Delaney (US) – Part 4: Realizing the goal- clinical outcomes and future directions

Oral Abstract Presentations 4 – Basic Biology of Non-Hematopoietic Stem Cells/Non-Hematopoietic Stem Cells Towards Clinics

Chair: Luc Sensebé (FR)
Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Express Proteins Belonging to or Related to the IL1 Family that Contribute to their Anti-Inflammatory Activity (Abstract # 17)
Speaker: Siddaraju Boregowda (US)
Regulating Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Osteogenic Tissue Repair by P63 and P38 Isoforms (Abstract # 18)
Speaker:Guy Howard (US)
MSC Functionality and Robustness of the MSC Expansion Process are Critically Dependent on Tissue Source and Expansion Conditions (Abstract #19)
Speaker: Helene Roelofs (NL)
Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapy for Refractory Crohn's Disease (Abstract # 20)
Speaker: Janice Fogarty (AU)
Mobilization of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from the Bone Marrow to Peripheral Blood (Abstract # 21)
Speaker: Ian McNiece (US)
Prospectively Isolated Scavenging Bone-Marrow Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells Home to, and Revascularize the Bone Marrow of Transplanted Ablated Recipients (Abstract # 16)
Speaker: Susie Nilsson (AU)

Oral Abstract Presentations 5 - Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Co-Chairs: Susie Nilsson (AU) and Shelly Heimfeld (US)
Optimizing Megakaryocyte Polyploidization Increases Platelet Release in Culture (Abstract # 22)
Speaker: Mauro Avanzi (US)
Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Megakaryocyte Progenitors and Their Subsets Differ in Normal and Meyeloproliferative Disease States (Abstract # 23)
Speaker: Varda Deutsch (IL)
ALDHBR Content of Segments from Banked Cord Bloods Predicts Engraftment After Cord Blood Transplantation (Abstract #24)
Speaker: Kevin Shoulars (US)
Nanoliter Droplet Vitrification for Blood and Stem Cell Cryopreservation (Abstract # 25)
Speaker: Claudia Zylberberg (US)
Luminometric Determination of Progenitor Cell Function in Cryopreserved Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Harvests (Abstract # 26)
Speaker: Beate Wagner (DE)
What Clinical Characteristics of African American Mothers and Babies Favorable Influence Cord Blood Potency? Defining Parameters That Can Guide Public Cord Blood Collection (Abstract # 27)
Speaker:Kristin Page (US)

Strategies for Commercialization Track 5- Key Considerations for Cell Therapy Pivotal Trials and Beyond

Chair: Darin Weber (US)

Lynn Allen-Hoffman (US) – Great Expectations: Readying you Technology for Regulatory Assessment
Paul Williamson (US) – Development of Cell-based Therapies in a Large Organization: Orchestrate for Success
Darin Weber (US) – Insights and Considerations in Preparing for Phase 3 Cell Therapy Studies

Technical Applications Track 6- Regulations Around the World

Chair: Christopher Bravery (UK)

Martin Bleasdale (AU) – Regulations around the world- an Australian perspective
Mark Lowdell (UK) – Regulation of ATMP trials in the EU: is it breaking the 'virtuuos cycle'?
Halvard Bönig (DE) – Academia and advanced cell therapy: A German Perspective
Jaeseung Lim (KR) – The regulation and the development of cell therapy products in Korea

Plenary Session 4 – Regenerative Medicine and Positioning for Commercial Success

Co-Chairs: Kurt Gunter (US) and Tracey Lodie (US)
John McMannis (US) – "Off the Shelf" Stem Cell Products for Regenerative Medicine
Mark Frohlich (US) – Commercialization of Sipuleucel-T, the first FDA Approved Autologous Cellular Immunotherapy for Cancer
Gil Beyen (BE) – Lessons from the commercial roll out of ChondroCelect in Europe

Technical Applications Track 7 - New Perspectives in Cell Selection

Chair: Martin Hildebrandt (DE)
Stanley Riddell (US) – Selecting defined subsets of T cells for genetic modification and cell therapy
Carolyn Keever-Taylor (US) – Cell enrichment and depletion using the CliniMACS device: Factors affecting outcome
Dirk Busch (DE) – Reversible cell labeling technologies for clinical cell processing and purification

Workshop 4 - ISCT Reimbursement Roundtable Highlights

Chair: Richard Maziarz (US)
Robert Deans (US)
Richard Maziarz (US)

Workshop 5 - Platelet and Erythrocyte Production Progress in Manufacturing and Drug Delivery

Chair: Luc Douay (FR)
Luc Douay (FR) – In vitro red blood cell production: state of the art
Jo Anna Reems (US) – In vitro platelet production: myth or future reality
Yan Godfrin (FR) – Red Blood Cells for a New Drug Formulation

Strategies for Commercialization Track 6 - Sourcing Biological Materials and Managing Supply Chains- Quality Considerations

Chair: Scott Burger (US)
Dominic Clarke (US) – Managing Particulates in Cellular Therapy
Gaytha McPherson (US) – Optimizing Apheresis Cellular Collections
Emmanuelle Charton (Council of Europe) – How the European Pharmacopoeia can contribute to the quality of raw materials for the production of cellular and gene transfer products
Hermann Bohnenkamp (DE) – Controlled, standardized cytokines and cell culture media for manufacturing Advanced Therapies

Technical Applications Track 8 - Challenges New Customers Present to the CT Lab

Chair: Lynn O'Donnell (US)
Carolyn Lutzko (US) – The Art and Science of Translating a Cell Therapy from Mouse to Man
Tom Leemhuis (US) – Teaching surgeons how to do cell therapy
Deborah Griffin (US) – Practical methods for regulatory compliance and documentation of new protocol implementation for the CT Lab

Friday, June 8th

Technical Session 5 - Ex-vivo and In-vivo Graft Engineering

Chair: Stephan Mielke (DE)
Stephan Mielke (DE) – TH9402-based, ex vivo allodepletion to improve matched and mismatched transplants
Catherine Bollard (US) – Ex vivo expanded multi-virus specific T cells to reduce infectious comlications after allogeneic stem cell transplantation
Paul O'Donnell (US) – Cyclophosphamide-Induced Tolerance in BMT

Technical Session 6 - TPP Workshop

Chair: Ellen Feigal (US)
Ellen Feigal (US) – Target Product Profile – Key Guide in Product Development
Wilson Bryan (US) – Target Product Profile – A Regulatory Perspective

Technical Session 7 - Freezing of Living Cells for Cellular Therapy: A Challenge for Biomedical Scientists

Chair and Speaker: Dayong Gao (US)

Strategies for Commercialization Track 7 - Strategic Partnering and Technology Transfer

Chair: Dean Tozer (US)
Dean Tozer (US) – Creating value in today's Regenerative Medicine environment
Kenneth L. Harris (US) – Increase the Success of CT Clinical Trials: An Affordable High Quality Model
Timothy Davidson (US) – Global Strategy for Successful Cell Therapy Products

Technical Applications Track 9 - Point of Care Devices in Cell Therapy

Chair: Dominic Wall (AU)
Dominic Wall (AU) – New Technologies in Cell Therapy Manufacturing
David James (AU) – Developing and implementing new technology for cell therapy

Plenary Session 5 – Regeneration Revisited

Chair: John Rasko (AU)
Andras Nagy (CA) – Toward understanding the process of somatic cell reprogramming to pluripotency
Shahin Rafii (US) – Vascular niche-derived angiocrine factors initiate and sustain organ regeneration

Technical Applications Track 10 – Lean Process for Processing Laboratories: When can we use it with examples

Chair: Karen Foster (US)
Brent McKinnon (US) – ViaCord Cord Blood Processing - Matching Unit Cycle Time to Take Time
Jennifer Glejf (US) – Getting LEAN in the Human Cell Therapy Lab: How Applying LEAN Principals to One Area of the Lab Caught Like Wildfire

Oral Abstract Presentations 6 – Lab Practices/Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Co-Chairs: Deborah Lamontagne (US) and Shirley Bartido (US)

Post Thaw CD34 Recovery and Viability of Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells is a Valuable Clinical Tool in Autologous Blood and Marrow Transplants (Abstract # 29)
Speaker: Susan Berrigan (CA)
Stability of Thawed Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells (HPC) in Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) in Filtered and Unfiltered Producs (Abstract # 28)
Speaker: Mehraboon Irani (US)
Establishing the Necessary Data to Model the Future Resource Requirements and Predicted Healthcare Targets for Cell Therapy as Part of Routine Clinical Practice (Abstract # 30)
Speaker: Emily Culme-Seymour (UK)
Regulatory Implications of Allogeneic Cell Banking Strategy (Abstract #31)
Speaker: Christopher Bravery (UK)

Oral Abstract Presentations 7- Regenerative Medicine

Chair: Shelly Heimfeld (US)

Systemic Human Orbital Fat-Derived Stem Cell Transplantation Ameliorates Acute Inflammation in Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Lung Injury (Abstract # 32)
Speaker: Jennifer Ho (TW)
A Neo-Kidney Augment Product for Kidney Regeneration in a Large Animal Model of Chronic Kidney Disease (Abstract # 33)
Speaker: Deepak Jain (US)
Contribution of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Endothelial Cells in Vascular Regeneration of Bleomycin-Induced Scleroderma Mouse Model (Abstract # 34)
Speaker:Nasser Aghdami (IR)
Standardized Quality Control and Cell Equivalency for Xeno-Free Multistem, an Adherent Stem Cell Therapeutic (Abstract #35)
Speaker: Annelies Bogaerts (BE)

Technical Applications Track 11- Selling Cellular Therapies to Consumers: The good, the bad and the ugly

Chair: Bruce Levine (US)
Aaron Levine (US) – Assessing patients' experiences with unproven stem cell interventions
Timothy Caulfield (CA) – The Big Sell: The Marketing of Unproven Therapies

Workshop 6 - ISCT/PACT Joint Session: PACT II: Scope of Projects at Pre-Clinical and Manufacturing Stages of Development

Co-Chairs: Shelly Heimfeld (US) and Les Silberstein (US)
Les Silberstein
(US) – Objectives of the PACT program
Myriam Armant (US) – Examples of PACT II Enabled Translational and Clinical Applications at CHCT
David McKenna (US) – Challenges in Moving Cell Therapies to the Clinical Arena: The Minnesota PACT Experience
Adrian Gee (US) – PACT-Supported Development of Virus-Detected T Cell Therapy
Larry Couture (US) – Process development for scalable cardiomyocyte differentiation from hES cells

Workshop 7 - MSC Production and Clinical Uses: Impact of Production Methods on Potency and Safety

Co-Chairs: Luc Sensebé (FR) and Mauro Krampera (IT)
Hillard Lazarus (US) – Novel uses for MSCs and MAPCs
David Stroncek (US) – BM MSCs Production and Assessment for Clinical Applications
Luc Sensebé (FR) – MSCs from Safety Concerns to Controls

Strategies for Commercialization Track 8 - Tissue Engineering in 2012: Lost in Commercial Translation?

Chair: Sharon Presnell (US)
Sharon Presnell (US) – Capturing the value from science: Translating promising research into a tangible asset
Dean Tozer (US) – Ushering an innovative regenerative medicine product from development to the market
Timothy Fong (US) – From Idea to Product: The pathway from academic innovation to a commercial manufacturing process

Technical Applications Track 12 - Strenuous Standards: Savvy Solutions

Chair: Lynn O'Donnell (US)
Douglas Padley (US) – The Search for Balance: Control vs. Creativity in the Development and Implementation of Novel Cellular Therapy Product Trials
Jessica Carmen (US) – Molecular Trilineage Assay for Identity Testing of hMSCs
John Duguid(US) – Validation of Rapid Mycoplasma Testing using Real-Time PCR
Michele Cottler-Fox (US) – Garbage in, garbage out: a predictive formula to improve efficiency and quality for HPC collection and processing facilities

Plenary Session 6 – Immunotherapy and T-Cells

Chair: Philip Greenberg (US)

Philip Greenberg (US) - T cells vs. tumors: Preparing T cells for the kill
Michael Jensen (US) – Enhancing the IQ of CAR-modified T Cells
Renier Brentjens (US) – Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) modified T cells as a novel approach to immuno-therapy of B cell malignancies

Technical Applications Track 13 - ISBT Labeling Implementation- Presentation of Real Scenarios

Co-Chairs: Lizette Caballero (US) and Leigh Sims Poston (US)
Kathy Watkins (US) – ISBT Labeling: One Small Lab's Implementation Experience
Mary McLeod (US) – Developing an ISBT 128 plan for Cell Therapy Labs and Apheresis Collection Facilities

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