ISCT 2010 Annual Meeting Presentations
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Please note: Only those presentations where permission has been received for posting are available to meeting delegates. A large number of speakers are in the process of providing ISCT with revised slides and as a result, these presentations will be gradually uploaded to the website as they are received.

Reference to these materials will be useful but not comprehensive in developing appropriate standards of care. Their use does not confer any professional qualification or standard. Publication of these materials does not constitute an endorsement of ISCT. ISCT has not reviewed these materials to ensure consistency with acceptable practices. The views expressed in these materials represent the opinion of the authors. ISCT expressly disclaims any liability arising from any inaccuracy or misstatement. Each facility and/or individual referring to these materials should analyze the information, practices and procedures outlined therein to determine their acceptability for use in the context of their own obligations and within their own facility's standards and procedures.

Speakers for the following presentations have given authorization to post their materials.


Monday, May 24

Technical Breakfast 1-K562 Universal APCs

Chair: Lawrence Cooper
Speaker: Bruce Levine

Technical Breakfast 2- Cord Blood Licensure

Chair: Wade Atkins
Speakers: Fran Rabe, Lisa Phillips-Johnson

Technical Applications Track 1-Adverse Reactions in CT Products

Co-Chairs: Shirley Bartido and Deborah Lamontagne
Speaker: Richard Haspel

Strategies for Commercialization Track 1- Navigating the IP and Technology Transfer Process

Chair: Stephen Badylak
Speaker Liz Bui


Plenary Session 1 – Immune Regulatory Cell

Chair: Robert Negrin
Speakers: Matthias Edinger, Massimo Martelli

Technical Applications Track 2- Quality Plans: Development and Implementation

Chair: Lizette Caballero
Speakers: Dennis Gastineau, Renee Smilee

Oral Abstracts Session 1- Regenerative Medicine

Co-Chairs: John Rasko and Francesco Lanza
Speakers: Deepak Jain, Rusty Kelley, Ian McNiece, Saara Laitinen

Oral Abstracts Session 2- Immunotherapy & Dendritic Cells

Chair: Derek Hart
Speakers: Nicole Aqui, Zwi Berneman, Jan Melenhorst, Daniel Powell

Oral Abstracts Session 3- Legal & Regulatory Affairs/Laboratory Practices

Co-Chairs: Kurt Gunter and Leigh Sims Poston
Speakers: Kevin Johnson, Cristy Johnston, Chaya Mazouz, Annette Trickett

Strategies for Commercialization Track 2- Technology Transfer Strategies

Chair: Robert McGrath
Speakers: Sarah Haecker, Alan Herosian

Plenary Session 2 – Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Chair: Edwin Horwitz
Speakers: Reza Abdi,Khalid Shah

Technical Applications Track 4- Deviation Management: From Discovery to Reporting

Chair: Liz Konecki
Speakers: Nancy Collins, Gemini Majkowski

Workshop 1- Treatment Related Toxicity in Adoptive Cellular Therapy: Strategies for Prescreening and Resolution

Chair: Daniel Powell
Speaker: Cor Lamers, Richard Junghans

Workshop 2- Monitoring and Biomarkers for Product Bioactivity in Cell Therapy Trials

Chair: Michael Kalos
Speakers: Michael Betts, Bruce Schneider

Workshop 3- Large Animal Models of Gene Therapy and Transplantation

Chair: Nicola Mason
Speakers: Dennis Hickstein, Brian Beard, John Wolfe

Technical Applications Track 5-Ask the Quality/Regulatory Experts

Chair: Kurt Gunter
Speakers: Dennis Gastineau, Diane Kadidlo, Ellen Lazarus

Strategies for Commercialization Track 3- Patents and Their Implications in Commercializing Cellular Therapies

Chair: Jeff Rosedale
Speaker: Shelly Heimfeld, Peter Knudson

Tuesday, May 25

Technical Breakfast 3- Update and Perspectives on EU Cell Therapy Research

Chair: David Gancberg

Technical Breakfast 4- Large Animal Models of Cell Based Therapies

Chair: Nicola Mason
Speaker: Richard Nash, Colleen O’Connor

Technical Applications Track 6- Manufacturing Contracts and QA Agreements

Chair: Karen Edward
Speaker: Richard Meagher

Strategies for Commercialization Track 4- Phase II and Beyond- Manufacturing Strategies that Enable Commercialization

Chair: Jon Rowley
Speaker: Scott Burger

Plenary Session 3 – Antigen-Specific and Engineered T Cells

Chair: Carl June
Speakers: Dorothee von Laer, Michel Sadelain

Technical Applications Track 7-Issues in Staffing CT Programs

Chair: Maralee Frazier-Cross
Speakers: Pam Jacobson, Sharon Tindle

Oral Abstract Session 4- Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Chair: Massimo Dominici
Speakers: Elisabetta Cervio 1, 2, Frida Grynspan, Satoru Otsuru, Nancy Porterfield

Oral Abstracts Session 5-Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Chair: Ian McNiece
Speakers: Mai Chen, Hilal Gul-Uludag, William Janssen, Carolyn Keever-Taylor, Luke Wu

Technical Applications Track 8- ISBT for CT Products

Chair: Leigh Sims Poston
Speakers: Kathryn Bushnell, Lisa Phillips-Johnson

Strategies for Commercialization Track 5: CMC Considerations for Reagents Used in Cell Therapies

Chair: Mark Bonyhadi
Speaker: Garry Takle

Plenary Session 4 – Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Chair: Chris Mason
Speakers: Paolo Macchiarini, Robert Nerem

Technical Applications Track 9- cellular Products Processing and Thawing Techniques

Chair: Michele Sugrue
Speakers: Melissa Croskell, Pam Dyson

Workshop 4- MSC and Therapeutic Models

Chair: Bob Deans
Speakers: Tracey Lodie, Martin Hoogduijn, Dan Weiss

Workshop 5- Cellular Therapy for Leukemia

Chair: David Porter
Speaker Edus Warren, Stephen Grupp

Technical Applications Track 10- Risk Management Strategies for QA

Chair: Asiya Imam
Speaker: Olive Sturtevant

Strategies for Commercialization Track 6- CMC Challenges: Manufacture and Packaging of Cellular Therapy Products

Chair: Scott Burger
Speakers: Ian Fitzpatrick, Myles Marcus, Marc Barthold

Wednesday, May 26

Technical Breakfast 5- Immunogenicity of Retroviral Vectors and Transgenes Used for Gene Transfer in Adoptive Therapy

Chair: Cor Lamers

Technical Breakfast 6- Cord Blood Thawing and Reinfusion from NMDP and clinical Perspective

Chair: Joanne Kurtzberg
Speakers: Robert Chow, Ronna Dornsife, Kristin Page, Kevin Shoulars

Technical Applications Track 11- Disaster Planning: Are YOU Ready?

Chair: Vincent La Russa
Speaker: Nancy Collins

Strategies for Commercialization Track 7- Therapeutic Delivery and Quality Assessments in Developing Regenerative Medicine Products

Chair: Tara Clark
Speakers: Ed Field, Ken Kleinhenz, Bob Preti, Kai Pinkernell

Plenary Session 5 – Cardiovascular Cell Therapy

Chair: Warren Sherman
Speakers: Amit Patel, Marc Penn

Technical Applications Track 12- Validation, Verification and Qualification: What to do When

No Slides Used.

Oral Abstracts Session 6- Cell and Gene Therapy/Cellular Gene Transfer

Chair: Bruce Levine
Speakers: Marc Penn, John Scholler, Pablo Tebas

Oral Abstracts Session 7- Translational Process Development

Co-Chairs: Mark Bonyhadi and Jon Rowley
Speakers: Yann Godfrin, Kristin Page, Shay Wallace

Technical Applications Track 13- Change Control AABB/ISCT Session

Chair: Janice Davis-Sproul
Speakers: John McMannis, Sanjin Zvonic

Strategies for Commercialization Track 8- Regenerative Medicine: Cellular therapies in the Clinic Today

Chair: Warren Sherman
Speaker: Anthony Atala

Workshop 6- MSC, Treg and Immunomodulation

Chair: Bob Deans
Speakers: Matt Grisham, Bernard Mahon

Workshop 7- DC Clinical Trials

Chair: Derek Hart
Speakers: David Avigan, Brian Czerniecki, Mai-Brit Zocca

Technical Applications Track 14-Product Quality Characterization: Release Criteria, Post Thaw Assessment and Stability Testing

Chair: Federico Rodriguez
Speakers: Elina Linetsky, Annette Trickett

Strategies for Commercialization Track 9- The Commercialization of Regenerative Therapies- An Industry Perspective

Chair: Dennis Discher
Speakers: Geoff McKay, Knut Niss, Robert Deans
ISCT’s Industry Task Force White Paper

Presidential Plenary Session – Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Translational Science

Chair: Mary Laughlin
Speakers: Juliet Barker, Mariusz Ratajczak, Vanderson Rocha

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