2016 Flow Cytometry Presentations

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Session I
Variability & Reproducibility
Ruud Hulspas, Cytonome ST – Variability Is in the Eyes of the Beholder
John T. Elliot, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – Measurement Assurance Strategies for Flow Cytometry

Session II
Product Characterization by Flow Cytometry
Emily Blyth, Westmead Hospital – T Cell Immune Reconstitution Post Allogeneic Transplant – Product Characterization and Post Infusion Monitoring 
Alexandra Rizzitelli, Cell Therapies – Flow Cytometry Tools for Characterization of GMP Cell Products
John Connolly, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology – High Dimensional Analysis of In-Vitro Expanded CTLs for Cancer Immune Therapy

Session III
Quality Assurance and Quality Control 
Paresh Jain, BD Biosciences – Quality Control in Flow Cytometry - The Instrument Variable 
Peter Wang, National Cancer Centre Singapore – Adopting Flow Cytometry to QC a Heterogeneous Immunotherapy Product - A Garagiste's Experience 
Edouard Bernet, Thermo Fisher Scientific – QC Quality Check for In-Process and End Point Identity Check 

Session IV
Sustainable Flow Cytometry
Agnieszka Blum, Charite Berlin, and Michael Kapinsky, Beckman Coulter Flow Cytometry – Purging High Content Flow Cytometry of Human Error Sources and Expert Operation Requirements
Ren Capocasale, FlowMetric – Accelerating Cellular Therapies Through Flow Cytometry Services 

Closing Panel Discussion
D. Robert Sutherland, University of Toronto, University Health Network/Toronto General Hospital
Ruud Hulspas, Cytonome ST
Vivek Tanavde, Bioinformatics Institute
Paul Hutchinson, National University of Singapore


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